“Roger Thompson is boldly going where no Trekfan has gone before. He’s the first professor to teach a Star Trek course in Korea”. – Larry Nemecek, AKA Dr. Star Trek.

“That’s pretty awesome, man.” – Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator the late Gene Roddenberry, on my class.

“Professor Thompson’s course on ‘The Ethics of Star Trek’ is timely and important in today’s troubled world. Gene Roddenberry, with whom I worked for 17 years, always said that many episodes were like little morality plays — they spoke to human rights, equality, the futility of war and much more. Star Trek TOS is more than 50 years old, but it is a brand new thing to most Koreans, and Professor Thompson’s class is truly a pioneering effort to enlighten a new generation.” – Susan Sackett

“How wonderful. The world certainly needs ethics.” – Gates McFadden, “Dr. Crusher” on Star Trek The Next Generation, on my class.

“I wish classes like [Thompson’s] had been offered when I went to school!” – Marc Cushman, author of the These Are The Voyages books.

“I’m thrilled the world has a professor — Roger Thompson — who has dedicated himself to teaching the ethics of Star Trek at the university level… not to mention in a country where many (if not most) students have no prior exposure to Roddenberry’s universe! The nuances of Star Trek cannot be overstated; and the moral complexities which exist both within Starfleet — and in the individual cultures and situations in which Kirk et al. routinely find themselves — definitely warrant study and practical application.” – James Kerwin, Director, Star Trek Continues.

“I think it is wonderful that you are teaching ethics as Star Trek is a perfect vehicle for that subject.” – Denise Okuda, coauthor of The Star Trek Encyclopedia.

“I wish I was in Korea so I could take your class!!! What a WONDERFUL way to approach ethics – and all of us at ‘Star Trek Continues’ are HONORED to play a small part in your greater and very important mission. I know Mr. Roddenberry would be so very proud to know that you are utilizing his vision in this way – It’s EXACTLY what REAL Star Trek is all about! There could be no higher purpose for it!” – Michele Specht, “Dr. McKennah” on Star Trek Continues.

“How very interesting to hear about your method of teaching ethics. If I were there, I would definitely enroll in your class. Thanks again for your effort to keep Star Trek alive.” – Sean Kenney, “Fleet Captain Pike” in the Star Trek TOS episode The Menagerie.