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“Professor Thompson’s course on ‘The Ethics of Star Trek’ is timely and important in today’s troubled world. Gene Roddenberry, with whom I worked for 17 years, always said that many episodes were like little morality plays — they spoke to human rights, equality, the futility of war and much more. Star Trek TOS is more than 50 years old, but it is a brand new thing to most Koreans, and Professor Thompson’s class is truly a pioneering effort to enlighten a new generation.” – Susan Sackett.

“That’s pretty awesome, man.” – Rod Roddenberry, son of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, on my class.

“Roger Thompson is boldly going where no Trekfan has gone before. He’s the first professor to teach a Star Trek course in Korea.” – Larry Nemecek, AKA Dr. Star Trek.

“How wonderful. The world certainly needs ethics.” – Gates McFadden, “Dr. Crusher” on Star Trek The Next Generation, on my class.

“I wish classes like [Thompson’s] had been offered when I went to school!” – Marc Cushman, author of the These Are The Voyages books.

“I’m thrilled the world has a professor — Roger Thompson — who has dedicated himself to teaching the ethics of Star Trek at the university level… not to mention in a country where many (if not most) students have no prior exposure to Roddenberry’s universe! The nuances of Star Trek cannot be overstated; and the moral complexities which exist both within Starfleet — and in the individual cultures and situations in which Kirk et al. routinely find themselves — definitely warrant study and practical application.” – James Kerwin, Director, Star Trek Continues.

“I think it is wonderful that you are teaching ethics as Star Trek is a perfect vehicle for that subject.” – Denise Okuda, coauthor of The Star Trek Encyclopedia.

“I wish I was in Korea so I could take your class!!! What a WONDERFUL way to approach ethics – and all of us at ‘Star Trek Continues’ are HONORED to play a small part in your greater and very important mission. I know Mr. Roddenberry would be so very proud to know that you are utilizing his vision in this way – It’s EXACTLY what REAL Star Trek is all about! There could be no higher purpose for it!” – Michele Specht, “Dr. McKennah” on Star Trek Continues.

“How very interesting to hear about your method of teaching ethics. If I were there, I would definitely enroll in your class. Thanks again for your effort to keep Star Trek alive.” – Sean Kenney, “Fleet Captain Pike” in the Star Trek TOS episode The Menagerie.