“Above All Else A God Needs Compassion, Mitchell!”

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201812.7. Today we watched Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and used Ross’s prima facie duty ethics to analyze it. I always liked how this movie ended, and the caption “And the adventure continues.” In other news, my artist friend just completed a digital oil painting of me as Kirk from Where No Man Has Gone Before. It’s based on a photo from 2009 and I rather like it. Some great lines in that episode like “One jealous god, if all this makes a god, or is it making you something else?”

Roger Kirk Where No Man Has Gone Before

Cadet Kirk at Starfleet Academy

Captain’s Blog: Stardate 201810.11. Here’s another nice portrait of me as Cadet James T. Kirk at Starfleet Academy. I got the idea for the uniform from the character Cadet Finnegan, Kirk’s nemesis, in the TOS episode Shore Leave. Did you see the cool Federation seal in the background? Hope you like it.

Roger Young Kirk small

Aboard the USS Voyager

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201808.30. Digital artist Scott Jackson has painted another portrait of me, this time as Lt. Tom Paris at the helm of the starship Voyager. Once again, an excellent job. In other news, my class has 59 cadets enrolled at the moment, and will begin next Friday. After taking attendance and orientation, we’re going to watch a sample episode so that cadets can see what Star Trek is all about. To that end, we’ll watch “Errand of Mercy”. Most have never seen TOS before so this is a great opportunity to expose them to a classic that launched such a massive TV and movie franchise.

StarTrek Thompson FINAL small (1)