An Extra Class and a PADD

Captain’s Log: Stardate 202102.6. Demand for my Ethics of Star Trek class has gone way up, and the university has asked me to teach an extra class next semester, and naturally I said yes. I checked the registration figures for both of my classes and there are already enough students in each. So far, it’s only seniors and juniors, but the numbers will go up when sophomores and freshmen are allowed to enrol. In other news, I recently purchased a 3D printed TNG PADD and can’t wait to receive it. Speaking of PADDs, here is a message I would like to send to my students. Enjoy and have a good day!

Letter from Ralph Senensky, Star Trek Director

Captain’s log: Stardate 202011.23. For the past few weeks I’ve been corresponding with the legendary Hollywood director Ralph Senensky, who directed seven episodes of Star Trek: TOS, including This Side of Paradise, Metamorphosis, Obsession, and Bread & Circuses. I sent him an article about my Star Trek class and he was great impressed. He then introduced me to Mark A. Altman, who is a best-selling Star Trek author plus a writer/producer in Hollywood. Today I received a nice letter from Ralph on Facebook, and I thought I would post it here. Live long and prosper.

Another online semester is about to begin

Captain’s Log: Stardate 20208.19. In a few weeks I will begin teaching another semester of classes online, although only Kyung Hee students will have access to the lectures. We’ll use Netflix Korea to watch Star Trek, which I am pleased to say offers the remastered versions, so there will be fewer comments about outdated special effects. Also, please check out my new handmade TOS face mask. Finally, here’s me as Will Riker again. I know you can’t see my facial features, but the hair, eyebrows, ears and beard make it easy to recognize me. Captain out.