Edith Keeler

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201709.29. Happy Friday, everyone! Today is an important day for Star Trek. On this day in 1987, Star Trek The Next Generation premiered. I initially didn’t care for the show, but by the second season I began to accept and like it. In other Star Trek news, today my class watched and analyzed The City on the Edge of Forever, and one of my students, who knew I have a large collection of authentic Star Trek autographed photos, asked if I had one of Joan Collins as Edith Keeler. I said no, but I must rectify that, and I just did. Check out this autographed photo of Ms. Collins as Edith Keeler, authenticated by PSA/DNA, a recognized authority in forensic handwriting authentication. I just bought it, and I just need to find a place for this on my crowded wall. Have a good weekend!

Edith Keeler

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