Picard, Data, and the 30th Anniversary of TNG

Captain’s log: Stardate 201707.24. Although the focus in my Ethics of Star Trek class has been TOS except for the very first semester, when we also watched TNG (I stopped using TNG as students were confused by the technobabble and they missed Spock), I do love TNG as well. I am presently watching episodes from season 2 from TNG, and they are pretty good, and a definite improvement over those from season 1. Now that the 30th anniversary of TNG is coming in a few months, I intend to celebrate, although I will definitely not buy the season 1 DVD. Instead I am going to get this Picard/Data Christmas ornament tomorrow and also a TNG 30 lapel pin. Take a look at the photo attached. All I can say is that I think the figures of Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner are remarkably life-like. Just imagine Picard saying “Engage!”

ScreenHunter_653 Jul. 24 20.45

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