Starfleet Academy Diploma

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201704.19. The mid-term exam for cadets at the Kyung Hee Campus of Starfleet Academy is the day after tomorrow. If history is any guide, and it usually is, some students will not show up for the exam because they finally realize that they should have heeded my warnings at the beginning of the semester. I warned them that this class is much more difficult than simply watching an old TV show. Oh well. Attached is my diploma from Starfleet Academy, which hangs on the wall of my office. My actual diplomas from King’s College and Dalhousie, where I really went to school, are in a tube in my guest room, undisplayed. Don’t get me wrong because I am proud to be a graduate of these great universities, but they are in my past now, and I am looking to the future. May you live long and prosper. You can get your own Starfleet Academy diploma here.

Starfleet Academy Diploma

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