The Cloudminders

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201704.16.

“This troubled planet is a place of the most violent contrasts — those who receive the rewards are totally separated from those who shoulder the burdens. It is not a wise leadership.” — Spock

The Cloudminders is one of those episodes that I didn’t really care for until I started teaching ethics. The episode clearly demonstrates that social injustice can lead to violence, and possibly catastrophe for the inhabitants of planet Merak II because they desperately need Zenite from the troubled planet Ardana. Kirk’s decision to seal himself along with Vanna and the High Advisor of Ardana in the cave was a very effective way to bridge the gap between the two sides and eventually lead to mutual understanding, maybe even peace and equality. A very good episode, especially for season 3. I attach another public domain photo for your edification. Live long and prosper.