Where No Man Has Gone Before

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201703.29. One of my favourite episodes is the second pilot, Where No Man Has Gone Before. Attached is from my old website and it uses a public domain photo of William Shatner and Sally Kellerman as Kirk and Dehner. The story provides a marvellous retelling of Glaucon’s Story of The Ring of Gyges in the future. I also like the costumes in this one, and the use of the old hand lasers from The Cage. All in all, a wonderful and thought-provoking episode on the nature of power and corruption.


Star Trek Continues

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201703.18. In addition to loving Star Trek TOS, plus TNG and Voyager, I am also an avid fan of Star Trek Continues, a very professional fan film series. I have made donations to help the production, which will terminate this year with a total of 11 episodes. I have corresponded with various cast members such as Vic Mignogna, who plays Kirk, Michele Specht, who plays Dr. McKennah, and Larry Nemecek, who in addition to being a Star Trek expert, played Dr. McCoy. I’ve used episodes of STC in my class both as part of the required viewing and also as an extra credit assignment. Attached is a very nice photo signed by many of the cast members of STC. It hangs on the wall of my office alongside autographed photos from TOS stars like William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Deforest Kelley, Grace Lee Whitney, Sean Kenney, Walter Koenig and George Takei. STC is highly recommended for fans of the original series and is a great alternative to the last three “reboots” which I intensely disliked.



Captain’s Log: Stardate 201703.16. Tomorrow we are going to watch Arena and The Savage Curtain. In her book, the Ethics of Star Trek, Judith Barad says that Kirk’s refusal to kill the Gorn was in accordance with the teaching of Socrates, who advised us that it is better to suffer an injustice (the loss of the colony on Cestus III because of a possible misunderstanding with the Gorns) than cause injustice to another (namely, the helpless Gorn Kirk injured with his cannon). The Ethics of Star Trek is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.